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  • Tips for Avoiding Acne

    There are many reasons for the appearance of acne, pimples, blackheads, and other types of blemishes. These problems don’t just affect teenagers, either. While some causes are inevitable, there are a few things you can do to help prevent acne from occurring.

    1. Don’t pick at your face – Although it’s tempting to squeeze at your face and every blemish you see, this will only cause it to get worse. Your hands are full of oils and bacteria that can enter your skin’s pores. Your fingernails and the pressure from your fingers can irritate your skin and lead to more infection and damaged tissue. When you see a pimple forming, leave it alone or use special products for it.

    2. Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide – The combination of these two powerful treatments can really help your skin. When used on the site of a blemish, they can reduce its appearance over the next few days if applied early. Benzoyl Peroxide products come in different strengths, so discuss it with your doctor or dermatologist to see which percentage is right for your skin.

    3. Women should NEVER sleep with makeup on – This is a large cause of acne and clogged pores. Your skin needs to breathe and repair itself overnight as you sleep. If there is still makeup and residue left on your skin, it will cause oils and impurities to get trapped in your pores and cause more blemishes and blackheads.

    4. Use a clean washcloth – Some people don’t realize that they are clogging their pores by using their shower towel to dry their face. After you shower, your towel dries up left over soap, shampoo, and other bath products from your skin and hair. If you use this same towel on your face, all those chemicals and products will be left on your skin and inside of your pores. Always use a separate washcloth for your face than the one for your body.

    5. Drink plenty of water – Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. By drinking plenty of water during the day, your skin will stay moist and not get too dry. This will help your pores stay hydrated and not allow dirt and oil to build up.

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  • Featured Product – Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel

    obagiDo you have oily skin that seems to shine no matter what kind of makeup you’re wearing? It can get annoying constantly wiping your face throughout the day or using blotching papers. Well now you can kiss oily skin goodbye because Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel was designed with oily skin in mind.

    It’s a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser that purifies your skin of oils and impurities, leaving it soft and oil free. It combines a blend of herbs, natural cleansers, and Aloe vera that remove any kind of pollutant your skin can build up. It removes these oils without over drying and is great for sensitive skin, too.

    A special formulation of Saponins are a key ingredient within Obagi’s Foaming Gel. They act as a natural detergent to cleanse your skin and keep it clean all day. The Aloe soothes your skin as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces redness and swelling. Your skin will remain extremely soft with reduced shine all day. This product isn’t just for oily skin, normal to combination skin can use it too for the soothing properties it has.

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  • Hydroquinone Uses and Benefits

    Hydroquinone, pronounced hī’drō-kwĭ-nōn’, is a white crystalline substance used in skin care products to decrease the formation of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment within your skin that gives you color and a tan.

    It is used topically to lighten darker areas of your skin where there might be uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. It can also be used to lighten freckles, age spots, chloasma, and melasma. Over exposure to the sun can create sun spots in your skin, causing certain areas to appear darker than the rest. Hydroquinone can be used to treat such conditions and to help even out the color of your skin.

    You should always discuss the types of products you want to use on your skin with your doctor and tell her or him about any allergies or sensitivities you have. Hydroquinone products should not be used on skin that is sunburned, windburned, chapped, dry, or irritated. You must wait until these conditions have healed completely and there are no open wounds or sores before using hydroquinone.

    It can also make your skin very sensitive so avoid sun exposure and wear the proper SPF sunscreen when going outside. Hydroquinone is a very powerful bleaching agent so it must be used carefully and as advised by your dermatologist. There are other alternatives to hydroquinone, if your skin is too sensitive to its effects, such as ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C.

    There has been a lot of FDA controversy over the use of hydroquinone in skin care products so discuss this with your doctor and see if it is safe for your skin.

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  • Açaí – The Big Picture

    There has been a lot of media coverage over the supposed “superfood” Açaí, pronounced ah-sah-EE. Many people have been raving about its uses and benefits. So what really makes Açaí so special?

    Açaí is a fruit that grows in Brazil on the Açaí Palm. The berry itself is very small and dark purple. The fruit is 90% seed with very little pulp around it, and no body consumes the actual seed. It is said to be one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world because of its extremely high levels of antioxidants and amino acids.

    The benefits of Açaí include: the maintenance of a healthy body and organs, increase in energy and stamina, healthy skin and hair, better sleep patterns, strengthened immune system, reduced pain and sores, and it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This little fruit seems to have it all.

    Because of Açaí’s high ORAC value, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, it can slow the aging process in your body and brain. Because we don’t live in the Amazon, fresh Açaí berry is hard to attain. It perishes very fast, within 24 hours, so we must consume it in other forms.

    Açaí Berry extract is a very popular form of this powerful antioxidant. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as numerous B vitamins, vitamin C and E, iron, potassium, and calcium. Organic Açaí berry Juice is also another option. With 3500 ORAC units per serving, you can have more than your daily recommendation of antioxidant consumption. It also contains enough dietary fiber to help your digestive system.

    Açaí Berry Capsules are also a great way to gain its benefits, especially when you’re on the go. The recommended dose is twice daily with food and you’ll be able to get the proper amount of antioxidants and benefits all in a small pill.

    Be careful when purchasing Açaí products over the internet and make sure it is really derived from the Açaí berry and not just its seed. Many websites are trying to scam their way into the Açaí market by selling fake products that aren’t really from Brazil or are predominantly from the crushed particles of the seed. If you can find Açaí products in trusted grocers, their authenticity might be more guaranteed.

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  • Why You Need Antioxidants

    You read and hear about this word all the time. Its in our foods, skin care products, and in tons of anti-aging remedies and treatments. But what exactly do antioxidants do and why are they great for our skin and body?

    An antioxidant is a molecule found in many natural resources such as fruits and vegetables. It can slow and even prevent the oxidation of other molecules from occurring. Oxidation produces free radicals which starts damaging healthy cells in our skin and body. By consuming antioxidants or using them topically, they can slow this process down and save our cells from corruption.

    Many health problems are linked to free radical damage such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. By consuming certain fruits and vegetables every day, you can lower your risk of getting these diseases. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and E are very important for your diet and health. They can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli, green leaf veggies, strawberries, whole grains, nuts, seed, vegetable oil, and liver oil. Other common antioxidants can be found in soy, red wine, certain grapes, pomegranate, cranberries, tea, and tomato products.

    Many topical skin care products are also formulated with antioxidants. Using these will help your skin and face from free radical damage and damage from the sun. The sun is an oxidizing agent and over exposure can burn and age your skin. Certain products, such as Vivité Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum contains a blend of green tea, pomegranate, and licorice, which are all high in natural antioxidants. They’ll work with your skin’s natural defense system to keep your skin firm and prevent aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles.

    Use this chart as an example of other types of antioxidant rich foods:


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  • Summer Skin Care Regimen

    Summer is right around the corner and the same skin care products you’ve been using all year might not be the best choices for June. This summer, the best makeup picks are lighter and softer colors. A natural glow will be perfect for those warm summer days no matter where you go. Keep your skin hydrated and clean throughout the day to prevent oil build up and break outs. And always remember, less is more!

    Summer or not, you should always make sure to apply sunscreen before you leave your home. A moisturizing sunscreen, or a moisturizer with a good SPF, is your best option for the harsh summer sun. Apply it after you shower or cleanse your face in the morning. Hydrating your skin will keep it looking youthful and firm, and can later help in the prevention of aging symptoms.

    If you can’t take your sunscreen or moisturizer with you when you leave, or you don’t want to apply it over makeup, many skin care companies have your solution. They have created great spritzers and misters that you can take with you anywhere you go. Not only will they keep your skin moist and soft during the day, they’re safe to use over makeup. They won’t wear your skin or makeup down and they’re a great alternative to washing your face in the middle of the day. Just apply whenever your skin needs a quick mist of hydration.

    When it comes to cosmetics, it might be time to toss out some of the makeup you’ve been using during winter and spring. Read about makeup expiration so you’ll know which products you can keep or which ones you should throw away. Soft colored eye liners and eye shadows will give your eyes a natural pop. Be careful with choosing some of these colors because you don’t want to choose something with too big of a contrast. A subtle, light shade will accent your eyes naturally and enhance their size and beauty.

    Don’t neglect your lips when you’re applying sunscreen or moisturizers to your face. Your lips are still skin, too, and need hydration just as much as the rest of your body does. Wear a protective spf lip balm or lip moisturizer before you apply lipstick or gloss. This will keep your lips soft and fresh underneath the color. Pinks and nudes are great color choices for the summer because they’ll bring out your lips natural tones. Darker shades will work great for the evening, but nudes will still keep your lips fabulous, too.

    Be careful not to fall asleep with your makeup on. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and toner before bed. This will keep your pores unclogged and oil free. If your skin gets dry during the night, a night creme will work great but make sure to choose the right one for your type of skin. carries all of the types of products mentioned above, so browse through the site to choose the best kinds for you and your skin.

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  • Featured Product – Revision Skincare Revox II

    The power of peptides are hard at work again in Revision Skincare’s Revox II. Revox II uses next generation anti-aging peptides to combat lines around the face. You are left with a reduced appearance of lines without the loss of your facial expressions.

    Unlike Botox, no muscle is paralyzed and your skin and face remain natural. Revox II builds up your skin’s natural collagen and enhances your dermal-epidermal junction. Instead of paralyzing your muscles, it simply relaxes them to soften the appearance of expression lines.

    It is formulated with 5 anti-aging peptides in a highly concentrated blend. This blend works together to reduce the length and depth of lines on your forehead, cheeks, and mouth. Revox II is ideal for all skin types and the light, water-based serum makes it perfect to use underneath cosmetics. You can even feel its tingling effects letting you know it’s at work.

    Revox II can also be used in between Botox treatments to maintain and prolong its effects.

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  • Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts

    Cards and flowers are always nice, but this Mother’s day give your mom the gift of beauty and rejuvenation. Every mom is already beautiful, but many skin care products can give her that extra pep her skin needs. She’ll look great and feel great, too.

    To pamper your mom and give her a spa-like feeling, give her an exfoliating facial mask. These masks will help tighten her skin and remove dead skin cells. Before she uses the mask, cut some cucumber slices so she can place them over her eyes. The water inside cucumbers will cool and soothe the eyes and also help control any puffiness she might have. Prepare a comfortable and relaxing environment for her with soft music playing in the background. This will help relax her and add to the spa-like atmosphere.

    If cucumbers aren’t enough for her eyes, try an anti-aging eye cream. These creams help reduce dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. They tighten the area around the eyes, making loose skin firmer. Make her favorite blend of tea to sip on while she uses the eye cream. It’ll instantly relax her.

    For products she can use any time, give her the power of Vitamin C. This is a very powerful antioxidant that can also increase collagen production. Products containing vitamin C are great for her skin’s overall health and appearance. It will rejuvenate her skin, leaving it beautiful and radiant.

    Every mom deserves to be pampered and these gift ideas are sure to do the trick.

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  • Squashing the Deodorant Myth

    You’d be surprised to find out how many people opt out of wearing deodorant. Why on earth would they do that? While some might enjoy the natural feeling of their own scent and body, others have heard a couple myths about deodorant that has stopped them from wearing it.

    The biggest one is the use of aluminum in their formulas. Some people think that aluminum can be absorbed in your skin and eventually cause breast cancer. The other deodorant myth is that blocking your pores prevents toxins from leaving your body which in turn allows them to stay inside of you. Both seem plausible but are they true?

    No. The FDA has debunked these myths and has quoted the National Cancer Institute (NCI) saying that, “no existing scientific or medical evidence links the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants to the subsequent development of breast cancer.” Agreeing with that statement is The American Cancer Society. Both say that the sweat glands are not connected to our lymph nodes and most cancer-causing toxins are removed through our kidneys and are secreted when we use the bathroom.

    Hurray! We can now wear deodorant with even more confidence. So if you have a friend that you’ve been dying to hand a stick of deodorant to, go right ahead, they’ll be safe and smell great thanks to you.

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  • Featured Product – OC Eight Mattifying Gel

    Finally! No more oily and shiny skin that fades our fresh makeup and makes us look like we just went jogging- even if we haven’t moved! OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel gives you 8 hours of solid coverage and protection from oily looking skin.

    OC Eight contains ACRYSORB® micro-particles that trap oils continuously for 8 hours. They can hold oils up to 6x their own volume. This leaves you with matte, even-toned skin throughout the day.

    American Idol Makeup artist, Mezhgan, uses OC Eight on all of the contestants before applying the rest of their makeup. She loves the results and says it’s nothing like any product she has ever used before.

    The reason OC Eight is different from powders and blotting papers is because it works continuously and mechanically to trap the oils rather than wiping them off temporarily. The results are immediate because of how it holds your makeup in place, giving you the “just applied” look all day.

    OC Eight is safe to use on acne and rosacea as it won’t irritate your skin. It actually controls redness and reduces the appearance of blemishes. You can even use OC Eight before you work out to reduce that greasy appearance after sweating. People with dry skin can use OC Eight because it does not dry your skin, it simply traps oils. So use OC Eight no matter what type of skin you have if you want to get that beautiful matte finish.

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