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  • 15 Second Brow Lift

    Here is a trick that really works, but since it only takes 15 seconds, the results don’t last that long either. It works great if you want to raise your eyebrow arch before a photo, while doing your makeup, or when you just want a quick brow lift!

    Put each index finger on the bottom of the arch point in your eyebrows. Raise each finger towards your forehead and hold them there for 15 seconds (or longer if you feel like it).Try not to blink either because it may cause your fingers to lower. Remove your fingers and voilà! An instant brow lift. It might not stay for very long but it definitely works temporarily.

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  • Introducing Juara Skin Care


    Are you tired of all those weird ingredients within your skin care products? If you don’t like putting ingredients that you don’t even recognize on your face and skin, try Juara skin care, pronounced joo-ah-rah. Juara is made from natural Indonesian botanicals and treatments that were used in ancient times. They combined these ancient Indonesian treatments with modern science and developed a full range skin care line that even looks edible!

    Prior to using some of the Juara products, I had only read about their formulas on their website and in brochures. I didn’t really understand what Juara was all about until I finally tried some samples. After one smell, I was hooked! My personal favorites are the full Candlenut Oil line and theInvigorating Coffee Scrub.

    The candlenut body polish is an exfoliator you use in the shower. It smells great and leaves your skin so soft. It can even be used outside of the shower, but make sure to brush away the tiny exfoliant beads. It works great with the Candlenut Body Creme. This cream/lotion is so light and airy, yet it makes your skin feel very silky and smooth. Before using this cream, I was satisfied with my previous lotion but it would only remove the dryness. After using the Candlenut body creme, my skin finally feels and looks silky, just like the airbrushed skin you see in magazines.

    In the morning, I absolutely love to use the Invigorating coffee scrub. One word– WOW! It uses fresh ground Indonesian coffee and doesn’t have a page of long ingredients on the jar like other products. From the first scent, you’ll be hooked, too. I use it in the morning because the coffee scent gives me a quick pick-me-up and makes me alert even before I have my real coffee. I use it on my elbows, hands, knees, and feet. It removes dead and dry skin, revealing a soft and smooth layer of new skin. After I get out of the shower, my bathroom really smells amazing. It definitely makes getting out of bed much easier because I actually look forward to using this scrub.

    Before I was even finished with these samples, I had already ordered these products for myself and my mom! She tried the samples too and immediately fell in love. We both also use the Rice Facial Cleanser. It is made from Rice Bran Oil and other fresh and natural ingredients and really cleans my skin and removes the makeup.

    If you are purchasing another product on the site, you can request some samples of Juara products before you are finished with your transaction. Or take my word for it and order some, you’ll be very satisfied!

    We’ll even throw in free shipping with any order you make, just enter this code “clearskin4me” and the shipping is on us!

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