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  • Sensitive, Dry, and Intolerant Skin

    With winter weather approaching, the season for sensitive skin is returning. Sometimes you may find yourself applying lotions all day long to heal chapped, red skin. One application seems to never be enough. Some people also find that their skin is just too sensitive all year round, winter or summer. Your skin might not even be able to handle multiple applications of lotion without becoming irritated. So when will a skincare line ever come out that is formulated for such sensitive and intolerant skin? The answer is now. Originating in France, lines such as Avène and Nuxe have developed skin care products specially made for sensitive, dry, and intolerant skin.

    Avéne’s special weapon for combating sensitive skin is the use of their straight-from-the-source Thermal Spring Water in every product they make. All of their products are:

    • Rich in silicate and trace elements soothes, calms and softens
    • Protects and purifies skin
    • Low salt mineral content (NoCl, 207 mg/l) adapted to sensitive skin will not dry out the skin (see Avène’s NoCl amount compared to other thermal spring water)

    Nuxe has a wide range of products for all skin types but makes special moisturizers and creams formulated for very dry and sensitive skin. Using natural ingredients, their products are able to soothe and protect your skin instead of damaging it. No synthetic coloring agents, no mineral oils, and no animal ingredients are used in any of their formulas.

    Check out Avene and Nuxe today and read about their great products for your sensitive, dry, or intolerant skin.

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