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  • Boske Dermaceuticals For Your Skincare Solutions

    Boske Dermaceuticals is proud to deliver phenomenal skin care solutions to their customers. This company carefully chooses and selects ingredients that are safe and natural for all different skin types. Boske Dermaceuticals also uses the most up to date and proven technologies to enhance their products even further. Their consistent research and implementation provides great benefits for their wide range of customers.

    This company has expertly developed  a range of different skin care solutions that are becoming well known all around the world. One such product that has become popular is Alchemist C Normal to Dry Skin. This product has been specifically designed to repair damaged or dry skin, as well as help with the reversal of some skin conditions. This product helps with making your skin look smoother and more even in color and texture.

    Another product that this company is proud to produce is their Molecular Repair Concentrate. This product is specially designed to help repair and diminish lines such as wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture which is coarse, as well as dullness of the skin. This product has been made with fighting ingredients that attack the condition and replenishes the skin for a softer appearance. These have all been tested and tried to deliver a safe and user friendly product.

    Boske Dermaceuticals is becoming a popular company when it comes to skincare solutions. If you are experiencing a skin condition that you can’t seem to find a solution for, Boske is sure to have a product that will work wonderfully for you, whatever your skin type.

  • Blinc: Paving the Way to Looking More Beautiful

    Founded in 1999, Blinc is a privately owned company that sells beauty products internationally to over 30 countries worldwide. This company is determined to solve beauty problems that can occur and perfect their products for a safer and more secure range that can deliver.

    This company has many different products on offer for all their customers. One of the products that many women enjoy is the Blinc Heated Lash Curler. This curler is designed to produce heat, which has been affective in the styling of hair and lashes for many years. This curler has been designed to be user friendly and has also been designed to be small enough to fit in a purse or handbag.

    Another product that has proven to be affective is Blinc resurf.a.stic Body. This product is designed to be used on the skin; keeping moisture within the layers and allowing for softer and smoother appearance. This product has been made with natural ingredients which include things such as green tea, cucumber, and aloe to name a few. These products allow for safe usage on the skin without harmful chemicals. It is also beneficial with cleaning the pores, as well as boosting the texture of the skin.

    Blinc has come a long way in the making of beauty products, as well as solving beauty problems. If you are struggling to find the right product that you are happy with, then you should really give Blinc products a try. You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

  • Belli Pregnancy Skin Care Products for All Mothers

    Belli is one of the leading brands of skin care products when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. This brand has a unique screening process that eliminates any usage of harmful and potentially toxic ingredients that may affect the baby during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Most of the ingredients that are used in these products are clinically tested for the safety of both the mother and the baby.

    This company has researched and developed many different skin care products that are suitable for any woman that is expecting. Some of these products can include things such as acne cleansing lotions, exfoliators, elasticity oils, as well as chaffing and stretch mark creams.

    Belli Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream is one such product that is beneficial for all women who are pregnant. This cream is specially formulated to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and has been clinically proven to help with the healing of these marks over a period of time. The ingredients in this cream range from different fruit and plant based origins, as well as other non toxic substances.

    Another product from this company is Belli Pure Comfort Nursing Cream. This cream has been developed to help with chaffing and dried skin around the nipple area which can be uncomfortable when breastfeeding. This cream has been designed to be applied well before breast feeding to help keep moisture in, allowing your skin to stay soft. The main ingredient in this product is Lanolin oil.

    Belli skin care products are a more popular choice with many women who are expecting. So if you are pregnant and need some skin care products that won’t affect the baby, then Belli products may just be the product line for you.

  • Milia and the Skin Care Products to Combat It

    Many people have probably noticed small white bumps around their eyes. These look like whiteheads; however attempts to squeeze them quickly make you realize that they are very tough and almost impossible to squeeze open. These are not pimples. They are cysts that are known as milia.

    Milia are most common on infants and adults. Infants bumps are often called baby acne. Most often bumps are seen on the cheeks and nose. They will clear up as the baby grows up.

    Bumps on adults are most often found around the eyes, on the forehead, cheeks and occasionally bordering the lips. Milia in adults does not clear up on its own. Treatment is usually required.

    Dead skin cells that get trapped in the pores cause milia. They appear as small white pockets on the surface of the skin filled with keratin.

    Preventing Milia

    Using skin care products and cosmetics that are non-comedogenic is the best way to prevent milia. These products are light and do not contain a lot of oils that clog pores.

    The sun’s rays cause thickening of the skin, so it is important to use sunscreen that does not clog pores. This will prevent thickening and allow the skin to continue to shed dead cells.

    Some people still get milia after following this advice due to the fact that their skin needs exfoliation. Face scrubs and exfoliators such as Actifirm 15% Z -Peel offer gentle exfoliation while protecting skin and keeping it moisturized.

    Removing Milia

    Daily exfoliation with quality exfoliation products and the use of Vitamin A creams can eventually remove milia without professional assistance. However, this takes time. If you do not want to wait, a dermatologist or esthetician can safely remove milia. This is often the safest, most effective way to get rid of them.

  • Understanding Hyaluronic Acid in Moisturizing Creams

    Have you ever looked at the extensive list of ingredients on your skin products and wondered what they all do? Let’s look at one of the most popular ingredients in skin care products – hyaluronic acid.

    Acid is often associated with exfoliation and burning. However, hyaluronic acid is a lubricant. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies which helps to cushion our joints, valves, eyes and skin.

    So, if our bodies are naturally producing this substance, why would we need more? The reason can be attributed to the sun. Research has shown that the sun’s rays stop hyaluronic acid production, which leaves us with skin that is wrinkled and sagging.

    There are prescription injections available on the market that are designed to provide a temporary filling for wrinkles and to help plump the lips by giving them added volume. These products have been approved by the FDA.

    Topical hyaluronic acid is found in most anti wrinkle creams and helps moisture adhere to the skin. This provides added fullness and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most often it is combined with antioxidants which help the body retain its own hyaluronic acid. Osmotics Crease-Less Surgical Alternative is the most powerful treatment available containing hyaluronic acid to fight the signs of aging without invasive surgical procedures.

    By using anti wrinkle products that contain hyaluronic acid and also help your body maintain its own, you will find that your skin is healthier and younger looking. There is no need for expensive surgical procedures in most cases. The right skin care products can give you the youthful appearance that you desire.

  • Non-Comedogenic Products Defined

    It can be a daunting task to try to understand all of the different terms that are used with skin care and cosmetic products. One word that we hear a lot in regards to skin care and cosmetics that is often the most confusing is non-comedogenic.

    Simply put, this fancy word means that a product won’t clog pores or cause you to break out. Most products that claim to be non-comedogenic are foundations, moisturizers and powders. There are oils in these products oftentimes that do cause breakouts, especially if skin is oily or prone to acne to begin with.

    Non-comedogenic products, like NeoStrata’s Daytime Protection Cream, most often use alternative agents for moisturizing instead of oils. Many non-comedogenic products use natural oils that are quickly absorbed and do not just sit on the surface of the skin and clog your pores. There are some products, such as TAHERI  Moisture Therapy, that simply eliminate oils completely.

    The problem with products for skin and cosmetics that use the term non-comedogenic is that there is no guarantee that you will not break out if use them. Every person has skin as unique as they are. There are many reasons that skin inflammation and irritation can occur. Despite any type of product that is used, there is always a chance that bacteria can get into the pores and create irritation or breakouts.

    Keep in mind that even if a product claims to be non-comedogenic, you could still end up with breakouts. However, these products are definitely worth trying and are worth the effort in trying to prevent or lessen breakouts. They are also better for your skin than products that contain oils that can cause more damage.

  • Focus on Eczema and Treatment Products that Work

    Most people suffer from skin that is dry and irritated in the winter. People with eczema do not just deal with the problem during winter. Eczema rash can occur anytime and result in inflammation that is very painful and itching that is sometimes uncontrollable. Let’s look at the symptoms of eczema and some effective treatments.

    Eczema Defined
    Eczema is a chronic condition that creates scaly areas on the skin. These patches may look leathery and think, may have oozing and crusting, bumps that are red, inflammation and raw patches, or even as blisters. Eczema can affect any area of the body.

    A dermatologist can confirm suspected eczema, as well as rule out other skin disorders.

    Causes of Eczema
    Eczema is caused by hypersensitive skin, like an allergic reaction, but is long-term and can cause random flare ups. Eczema is thought to be hereditary and afflicts people with asthma and allergies.

    Treating Eczema
    There is no cure for eczema. However, there are methods to control symptoms. Avoiding dry skin, skin care irritants, environmental irritants, stress, prolonged exposure to water, and temperature changes can help minimize flare ups.

    Once an eczema outbreak occurs, it is important to treat lesions appropriately. Mild soap and a moisturizer such as EltaMD Moisturizer are effective at soothing irritated skin and helping lesions to heal. This cream is preservative and fragrance free. It provides long lasting moisture to soothe the skin and promote healing.

    If eczema is not controlled with over the counter eczema products, it is important to talk with your dermatologist. They can provide prescription options and help find ways to control outbreaks and make you more comfortable.

  • 5 of the Most Popular and Completely Unconventional Ingredients for Skin Care Products

    Changes in the beauty care industry have led to new ingredients and technology being constantly introduced. Research has brought about natural solutions and advancements. It has also uncovered some unconventional and seemingly off the wall ingredients such as those below.

    5) Gold
    Gold is a versatile substance. While it can be used as money, it has been used since ancient times for jewelry, medicine, food and drink, decorations, electronics, industrial purposes, etc. Today, gold is found in cosmetics, self tanning products, and anti aging remedies.

    4) Emu Oil
    For thousands of years Emu oil has been used in the treatment of arthritis, insect bites, burns and other itches or pains. DrEmu Deception Cream can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as treating the above mentioned conditions. It is a multipurpose cream to meet your needs.

    3) Osmotic Mineral Infusions
    While this is not a technical ingredient, it is definitely worthy of mention. Gold, silver, germanium and platinum minerals are thought to charge products designed for the skin when combined. They increase productivity of cells and help them perform better.

    2) Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media
    HFCM is a byproduct of tissue engineering. It features growth factors that are all natural, collagen that is soluble, antioxidants and matrix proteins. These benefits all combine to combat the signs of aging including wrinkles which leaves you with skin that looks and feels healthier. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is the first product of its kind to combine growth factor serum with corrective complex to give you the most youthful looking skin possible.

    1) Synthetic Snake Venom
    Synthetic snake venom has been used for anti aging products to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It is a topical alternative to traditional Botox. Muscles are relaxed and frozen.

  • Soothing Itchy Skin and Irritation

    There are numerous causes of itchy skin including xerosis, otherwise known as dry skin, hives, eczema, allergies, psoriasis, insect bites, shaving, and many others. Itchy skin can be annoying to sufferers. However, it can lead to more serious concerns such as redness, irritation, inflammation, open wounds, bleeding, etc.

    The right skin care products can help alleviate itching and better control it. There are many products designed specifically for itching and irritation. You do not have to suffer with the effects of dry, itchy irritated skin. There are options available to help alleviate your discomfort.

    Avene Cream for Intolerant Skin is a gentle moisturizer that helps to restore the natural defenses of the skin and alleviate discomfort due to itching and irritation. This moisturizer is approved for a wide variety of skin problems such as allergic reactions, hypersensitivity and irritation, after chemical peels, laser surgery or microdermabrasion, dry skin, etc. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. With a minimal amount of ingredients it is well tolerated by most individuals.

    If skin is irritated due to shaving, waxing or similar cosmetic treatments, Brave Soldier Code Blue offers soothing relief of the irritation. At the same time, this product helps to improve the appearance of your skin and gives you a healthier look and feel. This gentle formula helps to reduce the burn and eliminate razor bumps. It has mild ingredients that are non-irritating and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    No matter what the cause of your itch and irritation is, there are products that can offer you relief. Talk with your dermatologist to determine the best product for your particular needs and to rule out any underlying medical causes.

  • Solutions for Cellulite Concerns

    For most women, cellulite is a concern. While it is most common to worry about it during the summer months when we are thinking about bikinis and shorts, some women struggle with cellulite concerns year round. Nearly all women, about 90%, suffer with cellulite. Most often cellulite starts to develop around the time that puberty sets in. Men rarely, if ever, suffer with cellulite.

    Cellulite develops in the top layer of skin, known as the hypodermis. The cause of cellulite is not completely clear, but the primary cause is thought to be fat cells and connective tissues that are not flexible. As we gain weight, our fat cells move towards the surface of the skin and become much more inflexible. In essence, the cells become lazy and start sagging against the connective tissue. This is where the orange peel or cottage cheese look of the skin comes in. Keep in mind, however, that that cellulite is not fully understood and there is a lot of research that is still to be conducted to help us better understand cellulite, along with the causes and possible prevention.

    There are ways to reduce the look of cellulite and to possibly prevent it from occurring in the first place. To prevent cellulite, it is important to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, get plenty of regular exercise, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

    CelluliteRx offers a line of products designed to give you the most complete cellulite treatment available. The CelluliteRX LipoKit 3 Piece offers a 3 step system that offers the same ingredients that are used by professionals without the expense of going to a spa. You can see improvement in your cellulite in as little as 4 weeks with this system.

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