Study finds that Vitamin E may slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Reuters Health recently posted an article about the effects vitamin E has on Alzheimer’s Disease. When taken in large doses, vitamin E seems to slow the decline of mental and physical abilities in patients with Alzheimer’s. This also counts for drugs that reduce inflammation.

Dr. Alireza Atri told Reuters Health, “Our results are consistent for a potential benefit of vitamin E on slowing functional decline and a smaller possible benefit of anti-inflammatory medications on slowing cognitive decline in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Atri led the National Institutes of Health research which studied over 540 patients with Alzheimer’s in the Memory Disorders Unit. These patients were given high doses of vitamin E that ranged from 800 units per day to 1000 units twice a day.

The patients showed a small benefit from taking vitamin E, and a slightly bigger benefit from using vitamin E along with other anti-inflammatory drugs, when doing daily tasks such as dressing themselves and personal care. Although the benefits seem small, they believe it will increase over time.

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