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  • Afirm: A Skin Care Program That Matches Your Skin

    Ever liked a product but wish that it were a bit milder? Or have you used a product and felt it working but wish that it can provide faster results? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, you no longer need to worry with Afirm. Afirm is a skin care line that focuses on fighting aging by providing three variants of the same effective formula that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

    Sensitive Skin’s Best Friend
    Finally, you can use a product designed specifically for sensitive skin. Get the anti-aging benefits without hurting your skin with the use of Afirm 1x for Sensitive Skin. This formula can diminish appearance of dark spots, acne marks and lines due to aging. But since this is specially formulated for sensitive skin, you will no longer feel that burning and itchy sensation that makes you worry about using the product.

    Good for Normal Skin
    If you have skin that’s neither sensitive nor super tolerant, you should use Afirm 2x for Normal Skin. This formula contains a sensible amount of Retinol that is just right for normal skin.

    Now if You Have Skin that Is Super Tolerant…
    If you like fast results and you are certain your skin can take the extra amount of Retinol, you may opt to use Afirm 3x for Tolerant Skin. This formula has .6% Retinol which is the most you can get on a product in the market today. Again, this should be used with care and should only be applied to tolerant skin.

  • Brave Soldier: The Best Skin Care Products for Harsh Skin Conditions

    Brave Soldier skin care products have a fitting name to front them. Why is it so fitting? Well, these products can handle some of the tougher skin care problems that can happen. The company itself was designed based on the idea of a product to help in the repairing of damaged skin due to road rash. Since that initial idea, this company has worked hard to develop skin care products to meet the needs of anyone who has experienced a crash, fall or burn due to an accident.

    Brave Soldier products are readily available for many different specifications. One such product is the Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment. This ointment has been developed with a combination of powerful pharmaceuticals and botanicals which have been proven to help with speeding up the healing process, thus providing users with a faster healing rate. This has been especially developed for minor abrasions, skin rashes and cuts, and even diaper rash on babies.

    Brave Soldier Brave Shave is a specially formulated product that has been designed to help moisturize the skin and soften hair for an easier and closer shave for both women and men. This product has been made with natural products that enrich the skin for a healthier and smoother appearance.

    Brave Soldier is continuing to grow with performance in skin care products, as well as growing into a larger company. If you are an athlete or have had road rash, then you know the importance of finding a product that can help you. By stocking up on Brave Soldier products, you and your family can be prepared for the worst, while taking advantage of the best.

  • Belli Pregnancy Skin Care Products for All Mothers

    Belli is one of the leading brands of skin care products when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. This brand has a unique screening process that eliminates any usage of harmful and potentially toxic ingredients that may affect the baby during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Most of the ingredients that are used in these products are clinically tested for the safety of both the mother and the baby.

    This company has researched and developed many different skin care products that are suitable for any woman that is expecting. Some of these products can include things such as acne cleansing lotions, exfoliators, elasticity oils, as well as chaffing and stretch mark creams.

    Belli Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream is one such product that is beneficial for all women who are pregnant. This cream is specially formulated to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and has been clinically proven to help with the healing of these marks over a period of time. The ingredients in this cream range from different fruit and plant based origins, as well as other non toxic substances.

    Another product from this company is Belli Pure Comfort Nursing Cream. This cream has been developed to help with chaffing and dried skin around the nipple area which can be uncomfortable when breastfeeding. This cream has been designed to be applied well before breast feeding to help keep moisture in, allowing your skin to stay soft. The main ingredient in this product is Lanolin oil.

    Belli skin care products are a more popular choice with many women who are expecting. So if you are pregnant and need some skin care products that won’t affect the baby, then Belli products may just be the product line for you.

  • Skin Care Products For Mild Rosacea

    Other than acne, there are not many skin problems which are more common than rosacea. If you only have a mild case of rosacea, then there is good news. You don’t necessarily need to rely on strong prescription medications to treat the condition. There are many skin care companies who have created strong and effective products which have been proven to have a positive effect on mild cases of rosacea. For many, the accessibility, and affordability of these products makes them preferable to prescription alternatives.

    One great example of this type of product is a serum made by PCA Skin. They call it their Anti-Redness Serum pHaze. This product is meant to help treat all causes of redness and flushing in the skin, whether it is caused by the sun or by rosacea. The product uses a combination of algae in order to help to shrink and firm capillaries under the skins surface, thereby reducing the redness. This is a product which is specifically recommended for users with rosacea, but it can be useful for a number of other conditions as well.

    Another product which can help rosacea sufferers is iS Clinical Pro-heal Serum Advance. This serum combines a number of vitamins and antioxidants in order to provide the skin with a soothing and nutrient rich treatment which will ease the symptoms of rosacea and other conditions.

    Finally, in order to achieve the most relief possible from rosacea, it is important to protect the skin from further damage. Using a proper moisturizing sunscreen can help rosacea symptoms from worsening or flaring up.

  • PCA Skin Products: A Different Approach to Healthy Skin

    Some skin care companies are chiefly cosmetic in their background. PCA Skin is a company that took a different approach to building their skin care line. While they do include cosmetic experts, they also consult closely with a team of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons to create the most effective skin care products on the market today.

    The goal of the PCA Skin line of products is to improve the health of skin. This company feels that by targeting skin health at the cellular level, they can help their customers to build healthier skin that will help sustain itself and create great looking skin in a balanced and healthy state.

    Because of all the knowledge of the science of skin care that this company has accumulated, they make a number of products which are aimed at treating the health problems experienced by different types of skin. They recognize that the nutrients and treatments needed by skin in different states can vary greatly, and so the company creates specific products to address these concerns.

    For the first example, we can look at the PCA Skin A&C Synergy Serum pHaze 23. This is a product that can help oily skin come into balance and also assist in the reduction of breakouts.

    For someone suffering from active breakouts, they have a product called the PCA Skin Acne Cream pHaze. This product has a number of different active ingredients which are designed to help sooth existing acne and prevent future breakouts. For a different example, there is the PCA Skin Apres Peel Hydrating Balm pHaze. This product is perfect for those with aging or dry skin.

  • The Avene Product Line: Dedicated to the Science of Skin Care

    Avene is one of those companies that are completely dedicated to the science of skin care. When new discoveries or advances in the field are made, you can be sure that Avene will be there and will find ways to incorporate the new science into their products.

    The Avene product line is divided between their consumer and professional products. The professional products need to be dispensed by companies or dermatologists who handle Avene products, while anyone can go online and order products from the consumer lineup. Whichever products you are buying, you can be sure that they have been carefully and scientifically formulated to provide you with real results.

    Minerals are the basis of the Avene lineup. Their products are created using water from the Avene spring which gathers a variety of natural minerals while it makes its way to the surface. Because this water takes a unique journey and gathers these minerals and other elements as it flows, it becomes a naturally occurring source of a potent skin care treatment ingredient.

    There is a long history tied to the healing properties of the Avene water, but for the Avene skin care company, this tradition was not proof enough. Clinical trials, research studies, pharmacological investigations, and more have all been employed in order to scientifically verify the results of this water. What these more than 300 studies have concluded is that the Avene water is a unique ingredient that forms the base for very potent skin care ingredients. Their products are the result of combining this water with other ingredients with scientifically proven skin care benefits.

  • Sensitive, Dry, and Intolerant Skin

    With winter weather approaching, the season for sensitive skin is returning. Sometimes you may find yourself applying lotions all day long to heal chapped, red skin. One application seems to never be enough. Some people also find that their skin is just too sensitive all year round, winter or summer. Your skin might not even be able to handle multiple applications of lotion without becoming irritated. So when will a skincare line ever come out that is formulated for such sensitive and intolerant skin? The answer is now. Originating in France, lines such as Avène and Nuxe have developed skin care products specially made for sensitive, dry, and intolerant skin.

    Avéne’s special weapon for combating sensitive skin is the use of their straight-from-the-source Thermal Spring Water in every product they make. All of their products are:

    • Rich in silicate and trace elements soothes, calms and softens
    • Protects and purifies skin
    • Low salt mineral content (NoCl, 207 mg/l) adapted to sensitive skin will not dry out the skin (see Avène’s NoCl amount compared to other thermal spring water)

    Nuxe has a wide range of products for all skin types but makes special moisturizers and creams formulated for very dry and sensitive skin. Using natural ingredients, their products are able to soothe and protect your skin instead of damaging it. No synthetic coloring agents, no mineral oils, and no animal ingredients are used in any of their formulas.

    Check out Avene and Nuxe today and read about their great products for your sensitive, dry, or intolerant skin.

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  • New Products! is happy to offer the iS Clinical skin care line of breakthrough serums, cleansers, and formulas for all skin types. We will be launching them on the site very soon. Numerous iS Clinical products have been featured in different magazines, such as Lucky and New Beauty. These products are very strong and a huge Hollywood secret that celebrities have been using to get their flawless skin.

    The Cleansing Complex, Youth Complex, and Active Serum are the most essential products for AM and PM use. 98% of Youth Complex users see results within a few hours! The Youth Complex works to rapidly diminish fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. iS Clinical Youth Complex is clinically proven to soften lines, wrinkles, firm and tighten the skin, and give you immediate, intermediate, and long term results.

    The Cleansing Complex should be used in the morning and before bed. It has a gel like consistency that is perfect for removing makeup at night, any left over makeup in the morning, dirt, oil, and pimple causing bacteria. It also gently resurfaces the skin and removes dead skin cells for a fresher, softer appearance. This cleanser should be used before applying any of the other iS Clinical skin care products, day and night.

    iS Clinical Active Serum is your PM secret weapon to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and any rough or dry skin textures. Use it in the evening after cleansing and you’ll start to notice rapid results as well as significant long term results with continued use.

    Take a look at these clinical trials using iS Clinical Youth Complex:


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  • New Products!

    We are happy to offer new skin care lines- Belli and Nia 24!

    Belli offers skin care products to use during and after pregnancy. It is the only brand that is teratology screened for prenatal safety. Their researchers and creators went through millions of ingredients in order to eliminate any ingredient that could possibly cause harm or be linked to birth defects or any type of pregnancy problem. They offer items such as stretchmark cream, elasticity oil, and a soothing foot relief cream.

    Nia 24 is a niacin powered skin therapy line.  Pro-Niacin is the patented molecule used in every Nia 24 product. Derived from Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, it has been a key factor in helping skin recover and repair itself from sun damage, environmental stressors, and aging.

    These products will be available very soon, so make sure to check back and choose the product or products that you like best!

    **Update- The products are now available! Shop here: Belli and Nia24

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  • Introducing Juara Skin Care


    Are you tired of all those weird ingredients within your skin care products? If you don’t like putting ingredients that you don’t even recognize on your face and skin, try Juara skin care, pronounced joo-ah-rah. Juara is made from natural Indonesian botanicals and treatments that were used in ancient times. They combined these ancient Indonesian treatments with modern science and developed a full range skin care line that even looks edible!

    Prior to using some of the Juara products, I had only read about their formulas on their website and in brochures. I didn’t really understand what Juara was all about until I finally tried some samples. After one smell, I was hooked! My personal favorites are the full Candlenut Oil line and theInvigorating Coffee Scrub.

    The candlenut body polish is an exfoliator you use in the shower. It smells great and leaves your skin so soft. It can even be used outside of the shower, but make sure to brush away the tiny exfoliant beads. It works great with the Candlenut Body Creme. This cream/lotion is so light and airy, yet it makes your skin feel very silky and smooth. Before using this cream, I was satisfied with my previous lotion but it would only remove the dryness. After using the Candlenut body creme, my skin finally feels and looks silky, just like the airbrushed skin you see in magazines.

    In the morning, I absolutely love to use the Invigorating coffee scrub. One word– WOW! It uses fresh ground Indonesian coffee and doesn’t have a page of long ingredients on the jar like other products. From the first scent, you’ll be hooked, too. I use it in the morning because the coffee scent gives me a quick pick-me-up and makes me alert even before I have my real coffee. I use it on my elbows, hands, knees, and feet. It removes dead and dry skin, revealing a soft and smooth layer of new skin. After I get out of the shower, my bathroom really smells amazing. It definitely makes getting out of bed much easier because I actually look forward to using this scrub.

    Before I was even finished with these samples, I had already ordered these products for myself and my mom! She tried the samples too and immediately fell in love. We both also use the Rice Facial Cleanser. It is made from Rice Bran Oil and other fresh and natural ingredients and really cleans my skin and removes the makeup.

    If you are purchasing another product on the site, you can request some samples of Juara products before you are finished with your transaction. Or take my word for it and order some, you’ll be very satisfied!

    We’ll even throw in free shipping with any order you make, just enter this code “clearskin4me” and the shipping is on us!

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