• Achieve Your Best Looking Skin with RevaleSkin

    Did you know you could achieve great looking skin with coffee?

    If you haven’t already heard, you can achieve amazing looking skin with RevaleSkin’s CoffeeBerry extract. The coffee extract is utilized to serve as a concentrated form of antioxidant, capable of transforming skin by reducing signs of aging.

    A stronger product for skin damage

    Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished by using Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment. If you’ve been noticing that your skin is looking dry and dehydrated, this might be the product you need. This product contains Licorice Extract that lessens inflammation and redness. By promoting collagen growth, skin appears younger and fresher. The treatment is applied once in the morning and once in the evening for the best results.

    Use a night cream daily

    Constant exposure to harsh elements in your environment can definitely put a strain on your skin. A night cream such as Revaleskin Night Cream is essential if you want to prevent damage. Along with preventing damage, another benefit of this night cream is that it lightens dark age spots to give you youthful-looking skin.

    Keep your youthful appearance

    It is much harder to correct skin damage than to prevent it in the first place. To protect your skin on a daily basis, apply Revaleskin Day Cream Spf 15 sunscreen. This particular product has antioxidants that protect against harmful elements. Invest in protection early rather than paying for a more expensive treatment later.

  • Actifirm: Know the Secret to Reliving Your Youth

    When you’ve reached that age when you no longer want to answer how old you are, it’s time for you to use Actifirm. Actually, what you should do is use it before you get to that age.  Why? Because the sun’s rays do not harm your skin when you reach your 30s. It has hurt your skin from the first time you were exposed to it but you didn’t notice because back then, you had the gift of youth. Your cells are constantly working to quickly replace dead skin cells and produce natural oils that make your skin taut and smooth. Unfortunately, years of exposure will take its toll and probably have already done so on your face. So what can you do about it really?

    Peel and Expose the Wonderful Skin Beneath

    You need to shed off that dull-looking layer which is basically the dead skin cells on your face. Facial cleansers merely clean. You need to use a peeling solution like Actifirm 15% Z-Peel to expose that fresh layer of skin.

    Keep It Firm

    Yes, you’ve done the peeling so what’s the next step. Firm up your skin using Actifirm Face Firm. This amazing solution has Hyaluronic Acid that has been proven to effectively reduce the lines around the eyes and mouth. It also diminishes wrinkles. Notice the difference after using it for the first time.

    The next time you’re asked how old you are, ask them to guess. You’ll be amazed how young-looking you can be with Actifirm.

  • PRESCRIBEDsolutions: For Your Specific Skin Care Needs

    PRESCRIBEDsolutions has been making its name in the skin care business for quite some time now. This company is really one of the only lines of skin care products that actually allow your physician to modify your skin care product to your specific skin condition needs.

    With a mix of different combinations of ingredients, this company allows for short term solutions to all skin types and problems.
    Since the combinations of ingredients are worked out by physicians with extensive knowledge, there are many different products that are labelled under this name. A Bolt of Lightning for Skin Brightening Serum is one of the beneficial products that can be applied to the skin to help with evening out skin tones, plus also helps with new production of melanin. This can help with people who suffer from sun damage to over exposure of rays and can also help with sun blemishes.
    Radical Results Antioxidant Serum C+E Is one of the limited products that is recommend for all skin types and also allows for increase blood flow to the regions applied which helps with oxygen intake and consumption. This product has also been developed to help in the fight of free radicals which cause cancer, and is also made to help protect against environmental pollutions. This product is beneficial for many skin types and ages.

    PRESCRIBEDsolutions is becoming more and more popular as the years go on because of the input from experienced physicians. With so many different people suffering with such a variety of skin conditions, it is good to know that there is a company that can cater to all skin types.

  • HydroPeptide: The New Fighter in Skin Care

    HydroPeptide is one of the only lines of cosmeceuticals to release products that have a combination of ten antioxidants, eleven peptide collagen boosting agents, plus important essentials which have been recommended by doctors. These formulated products have been developed with special anti aging products to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the appearance.

    HydroPeptide Anti Wrinkle Cellular Transformation Serum is a product that you have never really seen before. This product has a balance of different ingredients that sets it apart from all other anti wrinkle creams. This serum benefits with enhancing the skin whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as keeping skin smooth and silky. This has a Botox affect that can really help enhance your appearance.

    Another product from this brand that is revolutionary is the HydroPeptide Instant Peptide Miracle Mask. This specially formulated cream is designed with special enzymes that attack and digest all the dead skin that may be present on the area applied. This product also helps with circulating more blood flow to the region while revitalizing it with collagen stimulating ingredients. This product has been proven to help you look younger and healthier than most other products on the market.

    Hydropeptide was introduced by Azure cosmeceuticals and since then has made its name in the world for anti aging skincare products by using both nature and technology. So if you are searching for an anti aging product for your skin, you can be certain that HydroPeptide will have a product that will be able to meet your specific skin care needs.

  • Green Cream: Skin Care that Keeps Moisture In

    Green Cream uses one of the most up to date and breakthrough delivery systems when it comes to skin care. This company uses water based products in conjunction with retinol to help reduce skin irritations and other skin problems. They have made a range of products to choose from which can cater for almost anyone.

    Green Cream Aqualant Moisture Sealant is one of the most powerful products that can lock in water to help moisturize you skin. This product can’t be seen anywhere else in the world and is designed to hydrate the skin with an external barrier that keeps the environment from taking moisture out of your skin. This product has been enriched with antioxidants and retinol for a more effective product to use.

    Green Cream Level 3 has been developed for beginners with this range of products. This is the lowest strength product on this range and is used for more sensitive skin, or for skin which reacts to certain products. Level 3 has been designed for an alternative to a daily moisturizer and is beneficial for those who want to add more moisture and texture to their skin.

    Green Cream’s amazing patented products are truly second to none. These are beneficial for people who need to revive their skin, and have been made for all skin types. These products come in 3 different range types to suit anyone’s needs. So if you want a product that you know will work, you should definitely look to Green Cream to meet your skin care needs.

  • GRAM Skincare: Products Perfect for All Ages

    GRAM Skincare is a popular brand when it comes to skin care products. These products were designed by Dr. Gram, a man who worked behind a pharmacy counter with years of experience behind him. This man decided to invest in the making of safe skin care products that are suitable for all ages. His products are made with a combination of organic, natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are suitable for almost any skin type.

    GRAM Skincare has many products under this name and one of these products is the GRAM Skincare Clarifying Cleanser which has been specially designed to help fight blemishes and blackheads by penetrating deep into the pores to help remove bacteria. The combination of ingredients in this product helps with making the appearance more lighter and healthier looking for the user.

    GRAM Skincare Eye Rescue Is another product that has been proven to be affective to help restore the skin around the eye area. This product is beneficial for people who have discoloration, puffiness and dark circles situated around the eyes. This product is paraben free and has also been said to help with tightening the skin in this area while locking in moisture, revitalizing the skin.

    GRAM Skincare has been tried and tested to produce the best results possible. As the years go on, this company will continue to strive to make more products for all forms of skin care. If you are looking for a trusted skin care range, why not look into GRAM to see whether this company can provide you with what you are after? With a combination of natural and safe pharmaceutical products, you can’t go wrong at all.

  • Understanding Hyaluronic Acid in Moisturizing Creams

    Have you ever looked at the extensive list of ingredients on your skin products and wondered what they all do? Let’s look at one of the most popular ingredients in skin care products – hyaluronic acid.

    Acid is often associated with exfoliation and burning. However, hyaluronic acid is a lubricant. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies which helps to cushion our joints, valves, eyes and skin.

    So, if our bodies are naturally producing this substance, why would we need more? The reason can be attributed to the sun. Research has shown that the sun’s rays stop hyaluronic acid production, which leaves us with skin that is wrinkled and sagging.

    There are prescription injections available on the market that are designed to provide a temporary filling for wrinkles and to help plump the lips by giving them added volume. These products have been approved by the FDA.

    Topical hyaluronic acid is found in most anti wrinkle creams and helps moisture adhere to the skin. This provides added fullness and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most often it is combined with antioxidants which help the body retain its own hyaluronic acid. Osmotics Crease-Less Surgical Alternative is the most powerful treatment available containing hyaluronic acid to fight the signs of aging without invasive surgical procedures.

    By using anti wrinkle products that contain hyaluronic acid and also help your body maintain its own, you will find that your skin is healthier and younger looking. There is no need for expensive surgical procedures in most cases. The right skin care products can give you the youthful appearance that you desire.

  • 5 of the Most Popular and Completely Unconventional Ingredients for Skin Care Products

    Changes in the beauty care industry have led to new ingredients and technology being constantly introduced. Research has brought about natural solutions and advancements. It has also uncovered some unconventional and seemingly off the wall ingredients such as those below.

    5) Gold
    Gold is a versatile substance. While it can be used as money, it has been used since ancient times for jewelry, medicine, food and drink, decorations, electronics, industrial purposes, etc. Today, gold is found in cosmetics, self tanning products, and anti aging remedies.

    4) Emu Oil
    For thousands of years Emu oil has been used in the treatment of arthritis, insect bites, burns and other itches or pains. DrEmu Deception Cream can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as treating the above mentioned conditions. It is a multipurpose cream to meet your needs.

    3) Osmotic Mineral Infusions
    While this is not a technical ingredient, it is definitely worthy of mention. Gold, silver, germanium and platinum minerals are thought to charge products designed for the skin when combined. They increase productivity of cells and help them perform better.

    2) Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media
    HFCM is a byproduct of tissue engineering. It features growth factors that are all natural, collagen that is soluble, antioxidants and matrix proteins. These benefits all combine to combat the signs of aging including wrinkles which leaves you with skin that looks and feels healthier. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is the first product of its kind to combine growth factor serum with corrective complex to give you the most youthful looking skin possible.

    1) Synthetic Snake Venom
    Synthetic snake venom has been used for anti aging products to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It is a topical alternative to traditional Botox. Muscles are relaxed and frozen.

  • Aging Skin Benefits from Vitamin C Skin Care

    If you are uncertain which wrinkle reducing products to use for your aging skin, vitamin C topical skin products should be used daily. This is a simple process and can have a huge impact on your skin. Let’s look at why vitamin C is so important for the health of our skin.

    Collagen and Vitamin C
    A protein known as collagen binds cells together. It exists in all connective tissues within the body. Collagen gives support and form. Collagen makes skin more resilient and makes it appear firm. Collagen loss leads to sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

    An essential part of collagen production is vitamin C. With this oxygen and hydrogen are added to amino acids in collagen cells. Without proper vitamin C, production of collagen will slow down and skin will appear older and more wrinkled.

    Hyperpigmentation and Vitamin C
    Darkening of skin due to sun damage or scarring is known as hyperpigmentation. Melanin production is decreased through vitamin C. This means that brown spots could simply fade away and disappear.

    Free Radicals and Vitamin C
    Free radicals are molecules that are unstable and attack different molecules. This leads to cell damage. Our bodies produce free radicals that kill off bacteria and harmful viruses; however, factors in the environment can have a dramatic increase on the number of free radicals that are in the body. This leads to aging and can also lead to cancer.

    Vitamin C, an antioxidant, protects our bodies from free radicals by stabilizing the molecules. Doing so prevents damage to the tissue and cells. In regards to skin, this gives a younger look.

    Vitamin C as a Topical Agent
    Vitamin C is normally taken orally with multivitamins. Scientists, however, have found that topical vitamin C applied to the skin shows proven benefits where they are most needed. Alyria Antioxidant Capsules are a twist on that. They come in a capsule form, but they are applied to the skin.

  • Kinerase Products Put Science on Your Side

    The ultimate endorsement of any skin care product is a successful clinical trial which proves its effectiveness. Many products try to get by on marketing and celebrity endorsements, and Kinerase has both of these. However, it also has the science of proven clinical trials on its side, showing that their products are extremely effective in the treatment of many skin conditions.

    Kinerase products are designed to help in every element of your skin’s health. They have products for cleansing, moisturizing, and for actively fighting the skin problems which occur as a result of aging. Even if your skin has sustained some damage over the years, the great line of products from Kinerase can go a long way towards reversing the problems affecting your skin.

    Kinerase products aim to actually make your skin healthier again, not to simply cover up existing problems. Their C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment is a perfect example of how their products are supposed to work. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fills in lines and wrinkles, helps your skin to start retaining moisture better, and increases the natural immune functions at work within  your skin. This is a company which takes a very scientific approach to skin care, and it shows in the results which their products get.

    Kinerase also makes products designed to address specific skin problems and conditions. For skin which is losing its elasticity, they make a Restructure Firming Cream which is designed to help boost production of Elastin. They also make products specifically for treating the delicate and thin skin under the eyes.

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