• The Effects Of Green Tea For The Skin

    Many people drink green tea for the wonderful effects it has on our bodies. Green tea is known to have anti oxidants, which help rid our bodies of impurities and to help heal itself and fight against harmful chemicals. But what about green tea used on our skin? Many ask if this is a beneficial natural skin care supplement. And the answer is a yes. Green tea extract applied topically can work wonders for your skin. Not only does it have anti oxidants but it also has a known ingredient to help fight against the signs of aging.

    Green tea applied on the skin also works as a sunscreen and is much more natural than the alternative sunscreens that are available on the market. Many times those with sensitive skin will have a reaction to chemicals used as an additive. has an abundance of products for your skin that contain green tea to help not only fight aging but also the harmful effects that the environment assaults our skin with everyday. Green tea will help reduce and fight off skin problems that may be lurking without us being aware of it. As for those with existing skin problems such as eczema and rosacea, which can be become worse in the cold months, green tea has been clinically proven to help subside the symptoms, which are exaggerated by the cold and dry air that those in the colder climates have to live with.

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  • Products and Treatment for Skin Emergencies

    Everyone has skin emergencies from time to time. Don’t let them catch you unaware. Be proactive in preventing and treating them in order to maintain healthy, vibrant skin.

    Heat Rash

    Common during the summer months in humid climates.

    • Symptoms:
      – Clusters of pink, red, or white bumps, most often found on the face, especially the forehead, cheeks, and chin
    • Causes:
      – Heat rash is caused by sweat becoming trapped in the pores.
    • Treatment:
      – First, get out of the heat. Next, wash, dry, and gently apply baby powder to soothe the rash.
      – After your skin is completely dry, apply an over-the-counter anti-itch cream to reduce any redness, inflammation, or itching.
      – Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
    • Prevention:
      – Stay indoors in dry, air-conditioned locations during hot, humid weather. When you are outside in the heat, SkinDirect’s professional esthetician recommends using skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths to keep your skin free of sweat.



    Friction from the wind can compromise your natural layer of lipids, leaving your skin irritated and red.

    • Symptoms:
      – Drying, chafing, redness, and a burning sensation
    • Causes:
      – People who live or spend time outdoors in cold, dry climates or at higher altitudes with strong winds are most susceptible.
    • Treatment:
      – Gently clean and dry your skin. Combine an over-the-counter cortisone cream with an aloe vera-based moisturizer to ease irritation and reduce redness.
    • Prevention:
      La-Roche Posay Lipikar Baume, from SkinDirect, works to soothe and heal dry skin using shea butter as well as oleosomes. Oleosomes are lipid bodies that mimic the lipids found naturally on your skin’s outer layer.
      – Apply a generous layer before heading outside.


    Cystic Acne

    A severe and painful form of acne

    • Symptoms:
      – A swollen pustule that looks like a whitehead
    • Causes:
      – A combination of hormones, bacteria, and oil (sebum)
    • Treatment:
      – Unclog your pores using a benzoyl peroxide-based cleanser such as PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser pHaze 31.
      – Hold your face over steam or apply a warm compress to help to open clogged pores.
    • Prevention:
      – Use a facial cleanser containing salicylic acid to aid in exfoliation.
      – Follow up with DCL Light Textured Moisturizer, a non-greasy formula that keeps your pores free of bacteria and oil.


  • Products that Treat Cellulite

    Every woman knows what cellulite is, and many of us struggle with it every day. The notion that cellulite only strikes heavier women is incorrect. It is estimated that more than 80% of all women will deal with some degree of cellulite during her life. While there is no way to completely be rid of cellulite, there are products available to temporarily reduce its appearance. Now women of all shapes, sizes, and ages can feel confident that their skin looks smooth and flawless!

    One of the most revered anti-cellulite products on the market today is CelluliteRX Lipotherm. This product is a top-notch skin cream designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing cellular metabolism and stimulating circulation while removing toxins from the affected area. Although this is not a permanent solution, users of this cream were astounded at the results.

    Another wonderful product for banishing cellulite is CelluliteRX Lipolift. The main purpose of this skin cream is to stimulate collagen production, thus smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Glycolic acid, the same active ingredient in many home facial peels, is also found in this cream. It has been found that improving the appearance of the skin itself does wonders for reducing the visibility of cellulite and that is exactly what this product was formulated to do!

    Murad Firm and Tone Serum is another wonderful option for helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Murad is a very recognizable name in the skincare world, and this thick and luxurious serum stimulates circulation and hydration to the area affected by cellulite.

    Any of these products will help women of all shapes and sizes feel more confident in their shorts, skirts, and swimwear! Goodbye cellulite, hello healthy skin!


  • Say “Never Again” to Acne Breakouts with Glytone

    Acne is considered to be one of the most serious and common skin problems. Of course, this is aside from the fact that it is also one of ugliest forms of skin irritation. Sadly, many are suffering from acne problems and, worse, it may even cause psychological imbalances such as low self esteem and inferiority complexes. With great leaps and bounds in scientific advancement, there are now many products that are capable of working wonders on problem acne.

    Many brands have proven their effectiveness in solving acne problems. One product that many experts are continuously recommending is Glytone Acne Gel. This gel is effective in fighting acne by eliminating excess oil and other bacteria that causes it; however, this not by merely cleansing the skin. This gel utilizes the benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide, according to studies, thoroughly oxidizes the depths of pores. Acne bacteria are completely taken out of each pore for removal and eventually for proper healing.

    Glytone Acne Gel is best used with Glytone Acne Facial Masque. This masque is the very solution in minimizing the continuous breakouts of acne. Its effective ingredient is Sulfur. Sulfur clears out pores and unclogs them, thus eliminating the chances of acne before it even starts occurring.

    Glytone products continue to satisfy consumers in their fight against acne problems. With glycolic acid formulation and all the other effective ingredients, this is a skin care brand that continues to be known for the best products for fighting acne breakouts or pimples. This results in a healthier, brighter and way better skin condition.

  • Glycolix Elite: Perfect for Your Sensitive Skin!

    The effectiveness of glycolic acid in treating skin problems, as well as in maintaining a good skin condition, has been proven by many experts. Consumers are now also aware of this popular ingredient. This is also the reason that many products and even brands are steadily being named after the popular ingredient, glycolic acid. Though glycolic acid is proven to be very useful in skin care, proper formulation, of course, is still necessary in using this particular ingredient and in utilizing its benefits.

    Glycolix Elite is one of the most recommended brands that use glycolic acid within their skin care products. This company’s proper and exact formulation of glycolic acid is based on calculated and predictable results that have satisfied many consumers. This is also the very reason why irritation is greatly minimized in using this particular brand as compared to other brands. Many brands that contain glycolic acid are found to be causing a burning sensation whenever used, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Glycolix Elite products.

    Glycolix Elite Facial Cream is one of the most patronized product lines of Glycolix Elite. It is a soap-free cleanser. With the right doses of glycolic acid, it gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin. It also reduces breakouts and fights all other skin impurities better than ordinary liquid cleansers often found in the most common stores.

    For people with extra dry skin, Glycolix Elite Moisturizing Cleanser is recommended. It contains Green Tea Extract antioxidants, as well as Vitamins A, C and E. This cleanser offers the same benefits of glycolic acid but with proper consideration to dry skin type. It exfoliates and smoothes skin without ever drying them out.

  • Bremenn Has Your Specific Solution to Better Skin Care

    A lot of skin care products today offer generic solutions to very specific problems. The problem with this is that once people find out the product doesn’t instantly work, they have already given up. This is where Bremenn comes in. They offer specific solutions to specific skin care problems, because of this, results are felt and seen faster.

    Suffering from drooping eyelids but can’t find a product for it?

    When presented with the problem of drooping eyelids, people would normally assume that the only solution is to undergo cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, most people do not have the money or the courage to undergo this procedure, so they are stuck searching for a product to help. Most drug stores’ selections would probably make you consider this as a lost cause. Aisles are littered with items that are meant to alleviate puffiness of eyes and reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles. These products will not help you with your drooping eyelid problem. Don’t worry, however, because Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter is used exclusively to solve drooping, troublesome eyelids.

    Zits appear at the worst times

    Most stubborn zits appear at the worst times, but this doesn’t have to be a disaster.  At least, not with Bremenn Emergency Zit Stick. It lessens the skin redness immediately on application, saving you from the embarrassment of a newly formed zit.

  • Cellulite Free with CelluliteRX

    Have you tried expensive, threatening treatments for cellulite removal? Have you found that nothing you have done has worked? Why not try CelluliteRX? Their wide selection of creams diminish the appearance of dreadful cellulite.

    Complete cellulite treatment at home

    Not everyone can afford to go to the doctors or spas for cellulite treatment, but with the availability of CelluliteRx LipoKit 3pc, you can now have younger looking skin without spending hundreds of dollars. This kit contains three products: Body Polish, Contour Cream, and Firming Cream. It aims to destroy cellulite at its core, rather than looking for easy solutions.

    Get a younger, firmer body, with CelluliteRx LipoLift. Collagen develops upon application, achieving a better body tone. Use it to improve the sagging appearance of the skin in problematic areas in the lower, upper abdomen, and knees.

    Another break-through product from CelluliteRX is the CelluliteRx LipoSmooth. This product sheds dead skin cells to reveal young skin underneath, and also lessens the appearance of dark spots. It also has the added bonus of improving elasticity, giving you that sexier look.

  • iS CLINICAL: Innovative Skin Care

    Take advantage of new advancements in skin care technology

    iS CLINICAL is introducing a new approach in their innovative skin care line. Its team of expert scientists have developed the best products to promote beautiful skin and fight aging. The line features advanced products that are not available in other skin care line-ups.

    Heal your skin

    Have you ever suffered from dermatitis, a bad insect bite, or the worst kind of acne? These can cause redness, itching, or sometimes may even cause the skin to be inflamed. If you suffer from any of these, try iS CLINICAL Pro Heal Serum Advance Plus. It soothes and relieves skin from these painful side effects. Moreover, it offers protection from UV rays and prevents hyper-pigmentation. It also can be used for sensitive and dry skin.

    Youth in a bottle

    If you could buy the fountain of youth in a bottle, this would probably be it. iS CLINICAL Youth Complex is now available. This formula fights wrinkles by quickly hydrating upon application. Lines caused by aging are quickly filled in and eliminated. It has been proven that this formula promotes development of collagen, which tones and firms the skin. The benefits can be felt within a day of use. The longer you apply it, the longer you will have younger, healthier skin.

  • Jan Marini for a Healthy Glow

    More than thirty years have been spent by Jan Marini in researching the best skin care formula. The result is an amazing collection of skin care products. Jan Marini was one of the first few that utilized Glycolic Acid in the formulation of products for the skin. Since then, he has introduced highly praised products worldwide.

    Our hands tell our age

    While almost everyone focuses on how to prevent aging on their face, few think about the other areas of the body which could need help. The hands, though often neglected in skin care, easily show how old we are. Just like our face, our hands are exposed to the sun quite often and as such, discoloration and dryness can manifest easily when neglected. Jan Marini Age Intervention Hands can help treat damage caused by harsh exposure. When applied two times daily, the hands will not only appear softer and smoother, but they’ll also feel soft and smooth too.

    Get your best tan and feel good about it

    Achieve a sun-kissed glow without sacrificing your skin with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Self Tanner. You might be surprised to find that you don’t need the sun. This product is more safe than risking skin damage or even skin cancer. With this product, tanning can come from a bottle.

  • Juara: Skincare Secrets of Ancient Royalty

    Ever wondered how royalty have such beautiful skin? With Juara, modern beauty discoveries and secrets of ancient Indonesian royalty have been combined to provide a unique line of skin care products.

    Sandalwood on Facial Mask

    Sandalwood is relaxing to skin, especially skin that has been damaged. Juara has their own brand of Sandalwood product with Juara Milk Red Sandalwood Facial Mask, which boasts the exfoliating elements of milk combined with the relaxing characteristics of red sandalwood. The mask is free from fragrance. Perfect for use with oily or sensitive skin.

    Rice on Facial Scrub

    With Juara Rice Facial Scrub, the rice is used as beads that gently shed off the top layer of the skin. This is a natural, effective way to provide gentle skin exfoliation. After one use, the skin’s radiance is immediately noticeable. This facial rub is free from oil and is recommended for all skin types.

    Unique Black Tea Lip Balm

    Juara Sweet Black Tea Lip Treatment,  promises long lasting moisture and smooth lip texture. Combine this unique product with Juara’s other royal discoveries to achieve healthier, more beautiful skin.

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