How to Fight Back against Sun Damage

Though everyone wants to have sun-kissed skin, over time, repeated tanning could do more harm then good. The sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays that actually kill your skin cells. As your skin seeks to protect itself from sun damage, it produces more melatonin, which gives you the tanned look. However, as you age, this constant cycle of damage and melatonin production takes a toll on your skin, causing wrinkles, moles, and sunspots. It is not only the sun but also tanning beds that account for premature aging as well as a heightened risk of skin cancer.

SkinDirect’s personal esthetician recommends the following products to help you combat and reverse the signs of aging that may have resulted over the summer. StriVectin Get Even Brighter Serum exfoliates your skin to reveal the healthy glow of youthful skin. It smoothes away dry patches, brightening your skin while you sleep. With plant-based exfoliants and botanical brighteners, it is gentle enough to be used every night to reduce wrinkles and eliminate the signs of aging. This lightweight formula delivers dramatic results.

During the day, apply Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Cream to protect your skin from the harmful destruction caused by free radicals, like smoke and pollutants in the air. Formulated with high concentrations of free glycolic acid and red tea flavonoids, this cream works all day long to reverse the effects of sun damage and aging. It also boasts the healing and smoothing properties of Vitamin E.

Use both of these amazing products from SkinDirect to thoroughly protect and care for your skin each day. They are most beneficial and effective when used together. SkinDirect’s esthetician advises that you make them a part of your nighttime and daytime skin care routine to ward off the effects of aging.

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