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  • Healthy, delicious, and quick lunches to take to work

    You don’t have to stop at the deli to have that gourmet sandwich, you can make them in your kitchen for work or any on-the-go occasion.

    When you’re at the grocery store, buy any type of whole grain or wheat bread. Not only are they much healthier, they taste great, too. Meats from the deli section or fresh, rotisserie chicken can be used. Try chicken or turkey meats instead of beef for less calories and fat. Get some lettuce and tomato ( I recommend butter lettuce, but make sure to wash it before you use it!), cheese if you’d like, and whatever condiments you want to add to the sandwich. Instead of mayo, grab any “light” dressing, like thousand island.

    Pop two slices of bread in the toaster. When they’re done, spread the condiments on each side. Make sure to put the tomato slice in between the meats so it won’t wear down the bread. In less than 5 minutes, your gourmet, toasted sandwich is ready for wherever you go!

    If you’re not into sandwiches, try making some penne pasta the night before with a light marinara sauce. Avoid alfredo sauce because of the fat. For a lower carb pasta, some brands make their pastas out of wheat. They taste great and not much different. Store the pasta in the fridge the night before and put it together in the morning before you head out to work. Don’t forget the fork!

    You can also check your grocery store to see if they make pre-made salads. Many of them come with chicken in a variety of flavors – from caesar to waldorf. These pre-made salads are the quickest lunch to take with you to work. Just drizzle on the dressing, shake it up, and enjoy!