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  • The Effects Of Green Tea For The Skin

    Many people drink green tea for the wonderful effects it has on our bodies. Green tea is known to have anti oxidants, which help rid our bodies of impurities and to help heal itself and fight against harmful chemicals. But what about green tea used on our skin? Many ask if this is a beneficial natural skin care supplement. And the answer is a yes. Green tea extract applied topically can work wonders for your skin. Not only does it have anti oxidants but it also has a known ingredient to help fight against the signs of aging.

    Green tea applied on the skin also works as a sunscreen and is much more natural than the alternative sunscreens that are available on the market. Many times those with sensitive skin will have a reaction to chemicals used as an additive. has an abundance of products for your skin that contain green tea to help not only fight aging but also the harmful effects that the environment assaults our skin with everyday. Green tea will help reduce and fight off skin problems that may be lurking without us being aware of it. As for those with existing skin problems such as eczema and rosacea, which can be become worse in the cold months, green tea has been clinically proven to help subside the symptoms, which are exaggerated by the cold and dry air that those in the colder climates have to live with.

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  • Get Younger Looking Skin with an Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    When it comes to skin care, there are products for nearly every condition. The two most commonly purchased products are moisturizers and anti-aging complexes. Combining these two products into one formula has been a task that many skin care companies have tried, but only a handful are really effective. Our personal esthetician here at SkinDirect recommends the following products that are easy to use and moisturize deeply while providing effective anti-aging treatment.

    Fenix Green Tea Toner is highly recommended because it packs so many benefits into one application. Red tea repairs and prevents damaged skin, hyaluronic acid hydrates deeply and stimulates new cell growth, and seaweed extract creates soft, supple skin that positively glows with health.

    While Anthony for Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 was designed to appeal to men, it works equally well on a woman’s skin. The all-natural ingredients in this product such as orange and lemon (natural aha’s) work quickly and efficiently to diminish sagging skin, fine lines, and blotchy skin. The cream is designed to be non-greasy and quickly absorbed to leave nothing behind but soft, younger-looking skin.

    NeoCutis Bio-Restorative Skin Cream with PSP is another fantastic option recommended by SkinDirect’s own esthetician. Originally designed to rejuvenate skin after cosmetic or dermatological procedures, it works wonders on even the worst wrinkles in as little as eight weeks!

    Any of these products are wonderful options for providing both deep moisture and top-of-the-line wrinkle reduction. Women of any age deserve beautiful, flawless skin!

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  • Skin Care Advice by the Season

    Unless you live in a tropical paradise, with a temperate climate year round, you need to change your skin care routine according to the season. What works for you skin during the warm summer months will not offer adequate protection during the harsh winter.


    Summer Essentials:

    During the summertime, SkinDirect’s personal esthetician recommends applying an antioxidant serum under sunscreen each day before stepping outside. iS CLINICAL Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ combines Vitamins C, E, and A with Olive Leaf Extract to ward off free radicals that cause premature aging. It is also great for treating facial problems, such as rosacea, cystic acne, dermatitis, and even insect bites.

    Retinoid treatments, most effective at nighttime, can help to prevent skin damage caused by the sun. Afirm offers retinoid treatments for sensitive skinnormal skin and tolerant skin. PCA Skin Retinol Renewal with RestorAtive Complex pHaze 26 is another best selling retinoid treatment here at SkinDirect that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a more even tone. They target skin renewal at the cellular level by increasing cell turnover and stimulating collagen production. These products help to halt the effects of aging while preventing future damage.

    Sweat and sunshine can actually dehydrate your skin. It may be tempting to avoid moisturizer to stave off that greasy feel and keep your pores clear, however, skipping your moisturizer will have the opposite effect. Instead, opt for a light moisturizer, such as Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion. Its lightweight, oil-free formula defends your skin.

    Winter Essentials:

    The dryness of winter, both indoors and outdoors, can strip your skin of moisture, leaving it more prone to wrinkles and lines. Continue to moisturize your skin, especially immediately after showering or washing your face.

    Phytomer Rich Thermo-Protective Cream protects and nourishes dehydrated skin. Acting as a second layer of skin, it offers insulation to lock in moisture.

    Regardless of whether or not the sun is shining, harmful ultraviolet rays can still penetrate your skin. Daily sunscreen application is a must. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream with Sunscreen offers unbeatable UVA and UVB protection combined with a lightweight moisturizer.


  • Moisturizing and Exfoliating Bumpy Elbows

    The adage “out of sight, out of mind” applies to many things, but it shouldn’t apply to our elbows! Just because we usually don’t see them doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of a good moisturizer. We’ve all neglected the skin on our elbows at some point and we all know that it doesn’t take long for that thick buildup of rough, bumpy skin to make an appearance. At SkinDirect, we understand that elbows deserve just as much tender loving care as other areas of our skin. SkinDirect’s personal esthetician has tried several products, but two stand out above the crowd.

    Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream does two jobs with one fabulous product. It removes dry, course, and dull skin while gently exfoliating and also provides a huge dose hydration to problem areas like elbows and heels, then seals it in with glycerin. This product can be used daily, but is not intended for use on the face.

    SkinDirect’s esthetician also recommends DCL AHA Revitalizing Cream 20 because it is 20% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid, while traditionally found in at-home facial peels, is known for its ability to remove dead skin cells and reveal newer, more hydrated, healthier skin underneath. While DCL AHA Revitalizing Cream can be used anywhere you need skin restoration, it is highly recommended for use on problem areas like elbows, heels, and knees.

    As with any moisturizer, it is best to use these products right after showering or bathing to help lock in your skin’s natural moisture. Get ready to say goodbye to rough, bumpy elbows and hello to the beautiful skin waiting to make an appearance!

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  • The Best Skin Care Products for Under $50

    Mothers, career women and other ladies on a tight budget don’t have to give up a luxurious skin care routine just to save money. Choosing the right budget-priced beauty items gives you the same glowing, beautiful skin without all of the cost. SkinDirect’s professional esthetician shares the best, and most popular, skin care items that cost under $50.

    A daily scrub is an inexpensive way to keep skin looking its best. The mild exfoliation of the Goldfaden Doctors Scrub helps skin glow while lightening scars and skin tone variation. This product also contains no artificial fragrances or dyes, no parabens or silicone and is never tested on animals.

    The Retinol line produces some of the best skin care products available, but not all of them are affordable. The TxSystems Afrim 2x helps your skin retain the firmness of youth. This helps minimize the fine lines and other signs of aging that appear around the eyes and mouth. It also works to even out brown spots and rough patches, and fits in any budget.

    The look of evenly tanned skin is still in, but the risks of real suntanning make self-tanners a safer option. Use the Xen Tan Dark Tanning Lotion instead of paying for a spray-tanning booth. It’s the best self tanning lotion SkinDirect offers, and it’s affordable.

    Don’t forget about the skin on the rest of your body. The Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash combines the skin clearing powers of gentle exfoliating with glycolic acid. This mild acid works to retexture the surface of your skin so your entire body will be smooth and glowing.

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  • Skin Care Made Simple

    Many women spend hours, every morning and evening, taking care of their skin with dozens of expensive products, only to achieve middling results. There is a better way, however, which can deliver beautiful skin without excessive effort. A simple program, laid out by SkinDirect’s esthetician, offers an easy skin care regimen, perfect for the busy woman.

    Step one of SkinDirect’s professional’s program is a simple morning routine involving only three products. The first thing is to clean the face with a non-soap cleanser, such as the Replenix Fortified Cleanser, which cleanses and moisturizes while delivering antioxidants to the skin. Secondly, exfoliate the skin gently to remove dead skin cells, deep clean pores and eliminate excessive oils. We recommend the Replenix Fortified Exfoliation Scrub because of its special formula involving tea, clay and bamboo. Lastly, apply a sunscreen to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause burning and the appearance of aging, from damaging the skin. Coola Moisturizing Face sunscreen has 12 certified organic extracts which both protect and moisturize the skin. Skindirect offers all three of these products.

    For nighttime care, there’s an even simpler routine. Most women will only need to cleanse their face with LaRocca Skincare Exfoliating Cream Cleanser and be ready for bed. LaRocca’s product uses 24K colloidal gold, diatomaceous earth and other natural ingredients to exfoliate, moisturize and promote collagen growth.

    The last tip for simplifying a woman’s skin care is to use products that have more than one function. Thankfully, a wide variety of these products are available at SkinDirect. We recommend the LaRocca Cleanser mentioned above, which cleanses and exfoliates, for nighttime use. In addition, Neova Day Therapy combines the protection of a sunscreen with antioxidants to prevent the appearance of aging. Bliss The Youth As We Know it Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 is another multi-purpose product because it is a sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging cream combined.


  • A New Look for the New Year is Available at!

    A new year is the perfect time to make yourself over, and has everything you need to make your dreams of a fresh, new you a reality. We offer quality lines of skin care products that treat everything from acne and fine lines to dry skin and under eye problems.

    This may be the year you decide to rid your face of those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. You can cleanse your skin completely to give it a vibrant appearance with the right product for your specific skin type. offers a full line of proven, quality products that can help you reach these goals and can give you better results than you may have thought possible.

    Getting rid of dry skin or starting an exfoliation plan to rid your skin of old, dead cells should be on everyone’s list. We offer exquisite creams, treatments, and serums from around the world that have given our customers smoother, healthier skin.

    If your skin is already in the best possible shape, we have moisturizers, cleansers, and toners that will help you maintain its look. We also carry a great mineral makeup line to accentuate your features and make your eyes, lips, or cheeks really stand out.

    It’s time to show the world a new you, and is your first step in achieving your new look!

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  • Winter Weather and Your Skin

    Winter weather treats our skin harshly, but there’s no need for your skin to suffer its effects. We have many products available to combat the cold, dry conditions that this time of year can bring, and now is the perfect opportunity for you to begin a skin regimen that will have you looking your best.

    Just because the sun isn’t shining brightly every day now, that’s no reason to ignore your skin. We have a full line of products designed specifically to relieve the effects of aging, to help remove dark circles and wrinkles, and to answer every need your skin has. This may be a great time to treat yourself and your skin to the luxurious benefits our creams, lotions, and cleansers will produce, and our full line of high quality products will have you looking your best for the holiday parties!

    Our products will be the best hostess gift you can give, or even an indulgence for yourself. You will be delighted with our eye and lip treatments, antioxidant filled products, and our skin care products formulated to treat acne, rosacea, or other unsightly conditions. We carry numerous products for dry, sensitive, and intolerant skin so you can have soft, silky skin during this cold, dry season.  

    Your skin doesn’t take the winter off, and neither should your caring for it. This is the best time to prepare your skin for the any type of weather to come. Start 2010 right with fabulous skin!

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  • The Power of Retinol

    retinolAcne? Keratosis Pilaris? Wrinkles? Lines? Acne scars? Uneven skin tone? Then it might be time for you to talk to your dermatologist about using Retinol. Retinol is used to treat numerous skin conditions and even out the color of your skin. These products can be found online at SkinDirect or prescribed by your doctor.  The latter is usually a higher percentage of retinol, which is why it needs a prescription.

    Retinol is used to treat many things, as mentioned above. It increases the cell turnover rate which is why dermatologists recommend it for the treatment of several different skin conditions and signs of aging. Common skin conditions, such as Keratosis Pilaris, can also be treated with the use of Retinol. It is usually comes in 2%, 5%, and 10%, depending on the severity of what you are trying to treat.

    Retinol products work great with hyperpigmentation and sun spots because of the increased cellular turnover rate it causes. By helping stimulate new cell growth, old cells will diminish and a new layer of skin can appear. It also increases the production of collagen which works great in filling in lines and wrinkles. Continuous use will reveal newer, softer skin without certain problems you had before.

    It is usually best and safest to start with the lowest percentage of retinol if your skin is not accustomed to it. After using the entire product of low strength retinol, you can then proceed to increase the percentage if your skin handled it fine with no negative reactions. Your dermatologist will recommend the best percentage for your specific skin and instruct you on how to use retinol skin care products.

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  • Understanding Hyaluronic Acid

    27Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in your body and in animals. It serves as a lubricator in between joints and even inside of your eye. It’s a component of your connective tissues, serving as a barrier and cushion between your joints and limbs.

    Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a very popular ingredient used within many skin care products. It is usually paired with vitamin C to assist in the penetration of your skin. It’s effective for reducing the appearance of aging symptoms and damaged skin on the face and has been regarded as the “key to the fountain of youth.” This is because of its natural properties found inside our bodies.

    As you age, you begin to lose significant amounts of this important substance. Smoking and certain diets can also alter the amount you have over time. With the loss of hyaluronic acid, more wrinkles begin to appear and your skin may get dry. This is why many anti-aging products formulate their mixture using HA to restore hydration and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But what started the hyaluronic acid revelation and its use in skin care products?

    Years ago, in a small Japanese village by the name of Yuzurihara, Connie Chung set out to discover what the secret was for the villagers’ long lives and youthful looking skin. They lived very long lives, well into their 80s and 90s. Very few of them wore glasses and most of them still had a full head of hair and great, flawless skin.

    She found out that the villagers’ diets are full of root vegetables, fish, and low iron foods which allow their bodies to retain more hyaluronic acid levels, which other people around the world tend to lose as they age. The villagers’ bodies had much higher levels of HA than the average level humans tend to have. This was the reason for their wrinkle-free faces, no age spots, and beautiful hair. So make sure to eat healthy, incorporating certain vegetables and iron in your diet, in order to maintain your hyaluronic acid levels. It just might be the real “key to the fountain of youth.”

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