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  • Do Nutrition and Skin Care Go Hand in Hand?

    Nothing you eat will make your wrinkles or lines simply disappear or reverse all the signs of aging on your face. But you can’t just eat anything and think it won’t affect your face and appearance. Foods and your appearance definitely have a close relationship, internally and externally. The foods you eat affect every organ in your body, including your skin.

    No matter what type of skin care regimen you have, even the most expensive kinds, you must nourish yourself and your skin from the inside. Don’t use any product as a substitute for specific foods because certain foods have the vitamins, nutrients, and metabolites that your skin and body need which no product can replace.

    Every cell in your body needs tons of certain nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids. Specific foods carry these nutrients, such as vitamins A, C and E, and deliver them to your cells and organs, especially your skin. Topical skin care products can only deliver these types of vitamins on the outside and they do not ensure that they will reach deep enough inside your skin. Some only stay on your skin temporarily until you shower or wash your face. By eating certain enriched foods, you are sending these vitamins to your skin through your bloodstream, ensuring their delivery and benefits.

    By using a trusted skin care regimen on the outside and eating right for your insides, you’ll begin to notice healthier skin each day. Talk with your doctor about the right amounts you should be consuming. Although they have great benefits, foods and topical treatments won’t be able to do miracles on your skin because there are many other factors within the aging process that you cannot control. However, they will make a big difference in your overall health and appearance. Always remember the saying, “You are what you eat.”

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  • Summer Skin Care Regimen

    Summer is right around the corner and the same skin care products you’ve been using all year might not be the best choices for June. This summer, the best makeup picks are lighter and softer colors. A natural glow will be perfect for those warm summer days no matter where you go. Keep your skin hydrated and clean throughout the day to prevent oil build up and break outs. And always remember, less is more!

    Summer or not, you should always make sure to apply sunscreen before you leave your home. A moisturizing sunscreen, or a moisturizer with a good SPF, is your best option for the harsh summer sun. Apply it after you shower or cleanse your face in the morning. Hydrating your skin will keep it looking youthful and firm, and can later help in the prevention of aging symptoms.

    If you can’t take your sunscreen or moisturizer with you when you leave, or you don’t want to apply it over makeup, many skin care companies have your solution. They have created great spritzers and misters that you can take with you anywhere you go. Not only will they keep your skin moist and soft during the day, they’re safe to use over makeup. They won’t wear your skin or makeup down and they’re a great alternative to washing your face in the middle of the day. Just apply whenever your skin needs a quick mist of hydration.

    When it comes to cosmetics, it might be time to toss out some of the makeup you’ve been using during winter and spring. Read about makeup expiration so you’ll know which products you can keep or which ones you should throw away. Soft colored eye liners and eye shadows will give your eyes a natural pop. Be careful with choosing some of these colors because you don’t want to choose something with too big of a contrast. A subtle, light shade will accent your eyes naturally and enhance their size and beauty.

    Don’t neglect your lips when you’re applying sunscreen or moisturizers to your face. Your lips are still skin, too, and need hydration just as much as the rest of your body does. Wear a protective spf lip balm or lip moisturizer before you apply lipstick or gloss. This will keep your lips soft and fresh underneath the color. Pinks and nudes are great color choices for the summer because they’ll bring out your lips natural tones. Darker shades will work great for the evening, but nudes will still keep your lips fabulous, too.

    Be careful not to fall asleep with your makeup on. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and toner before bed. This will keep your pores unclogged and oil free. If your skin gets dry during the night, a night creme will work great but make sure to choose the right one for your type of skin. carries all of the types of products mentioned above, so browse through the site to choose the best kinds for you and your skin.

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