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  • A Signature, Bronzed Glow With St. Tropez

    Don’t fret over undesirable orange streaks on your knees, elbows, or fingertips ever again! Xen Tan products deliver consistent results for evenly toned, glowing skin after every application. Infused with rich nut oils, your skin will not only look radiant, it will be healthier too!

    Prior to applying at-home tanning spray, simply scrub off dead skin cells regularly to reveal soft, luminous skin.  Whether you’re looking for an instant glow, or a more gradual tan that develops over time, Xen Tan lets you slip into any dress and feel your absolute best.

    Lightweight, easy-to-apply lotions incorporate Aromaguard™ essential oils to eliminate the unpleasant residue left behind by most self-tanning treatments—revealing a lightly-scented fragrance and oh-so-fresh feeling. St. Tropez features a broad range of skin finishing looks perfect for all ages and skin types. For a closer look at these products, visit to explore the full line of St. Tropez self-tanning remedies and professional skin-care treatments.

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