Turn Back the Clock with These Anti-Aging Products

It does not matter who you are, how great your genetic background, or how diligent your skin care routine, aging happens to everyone. The good news is that while you can’t turn back the hands of time, you can stop and quite possibly reverse the signs of aging.

Aging occurs naturally. However, there are certain factors that can speed up the process, causing premature signs of aging and irreversible damage. Environmental toxins, including chemicals and air pollution, are huge contributors to premature aging. Smoking, repeated overexposure to UVA and UVB rays, as well as nutrition deficiencies are also detrimental to your skin’s health. The products that you apply to your skin each day may be doing more harm than good if they are laden with toxic chemicals. All of this combines to produce oxidative stress by allowing free radicals to slowly destroy your skin’s natural beauty.

Avoiding harsh elements and implementing the right anti-aging treatment are the keys to stopping and reversing the aging process. SkinDirect’s personal esthetician recommends Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk as the first step in your anti-aging skin care routine. This non-greasy cleanser effectively washes away makeup and grim without disrupting your skin’s natural hydrolipidic film.

LaRocca Skincare Cocoa Gold Vitamin Clay Mask is an anti-aging breakthrough. It not only stimulates cell regeneration and turnover for younger looking skin but also fortifies your skin with antioxidants to halt and reverse the aging process. Its unique formula helps to detoxify, hydrate and purify your skin. This mask is made with the highest quality of natural ingredients proven to enhance your complexion by improving moisture retention and unclogging pores. It aids in de-stressing your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.