Brave Soldier

About Brave Soldier

Brave Soldier products are intended for athletes and the outdoors type who, from time to time, find themselves with raw flesh wounds. In fact, Brave Soldier was started by two mountainbiking enthusiasts determined to find a remedy for that painful feeling that accompanies skin abrasions. Shortly thereafter thousands tried the product and experienced quicker healing, infections eliminated, reduced scarring and pain relief from skin abrasions. With their product gaining notoriety Brave Soldier still uses the same high-quality ingredients that react favorably to wounded skin from the pains of a rough, physical world. Brave Soldier continues to offer products geared toward cyclists with their crash paks for cuts and blisters, and their anti-chafing cream, Friction Zone. Other athletes, outdoors people or even the everyday man can also enjoy Brave Soldier products to help them enjoy an extra close shave, moisturizing sunscreen and lip protection to avoid chapping and sunburn.