About NIA24

Nia 24 is a Niacin-based skin care line 25 years in the making. The main ingredient in each of Nia 24's potent products is an exclusive molecule with 24 hours of continuous release known as Pro-Niacin. Pro-Niacin is a form of Niacin (vitamin B3) with a unique lipophillic tail which enables the molecule to more easily penetrate the outer layers of the skin. Once Pro-Niacin enters the sub-layers of the epidermis, it is converted by the body into an active form of Niacin known as NAD. NAD works within the cells to aid in DNA repair, cell turnover, wound repair and hyperpigmentation issues. Biomedically researched by respected scientists, Nia 24 is clinically proven to repair and replenish the skin barrier from the inside out. Whether you're reviving sun damaged and pigmented skin, or preventing the loss of youthful suppleness, Nia 24 provides the results you desire.