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About Phytomer

The water and plants in our oceans are believed to benefit a number of skin conditions. Phytomer uses these rich nutrients of the sea to help improve your skin. Phytomer products utilize algae and seaweed to help address certain skin problems. Products tested under dermatological supervision, and ophthalmological supervision when necessary (products for the eye contour area). In addition to these tests, carried out by an independent laboratory - the guarantee of complete transparency - we also have perception tests carried out. These help us to understand volunteers' opinions on the texture, color, and fragrance of a product before it is released on the market. Their most recent discoveries establish the excellence of their expertise and confirm their position as an international leader in the world of marine-based cosmetics. Through these marine-based active ingredients developed through their own research, unique formulas, and integrated production site, Phytomer is able to control the entire development process for their products, from raw material to finished product. The Phytomer line is effective for treating acne, wrinkles, decreased elasticity, hyperpigmentation and dull skin tone.